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Are you a fan of Cheryl Strayed (Wild), Anne Lamott (Help, Thanks, Wow), or Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)?

Do you have a story of spiritual awakening? 12-step recovery? a journey through adversity? In this workshop I help you to:

  • Overcome blocks and other preconceived ideas about your work by showcasing techniques aimed at "connected" writing 
  • Identify key experiences that you can turn into powerful essays and memoir
  • Uncover your deeper story—the underlying pattern, that bit of wisdom, which helps you to shape your story

Discover Your Inner Guru

In this workshop you'll receive close attention from an intuitive, rigorous instructor who provides the necessary craft and insight you need to shape your most promising material.

Questions? Please email me.

What Makes This Workshop Different?

  • My classes offer a unique opportunity for students to work with an experienced, empathetic teacher who  helps you to write more deeply than you thought you wanted to or could
  • I take only a maximum of 12 students, which helps me to concentrate on each participant

Who is This Workshop Aimed At?

  • Any student who has a serious desire to learn and get better
  • For the experienced writer who may be already published or have an MFA: My method focuses on skills not readily taught in many workshops or programs

After Completing This Workshop You Will

  • Discover the power of “voice” in the work of highly successful memoir and creative nonfiction writers
  • Engage your own work and that of peer writers in a serious, respectful, productive, and safe space
  • Produce exciting pieces that can be revised and published in journals, magazines – or wherever you hope to see your work placed.

To Sign Up

Please email me. I'm asking all new students to send me a short (150-250 word) email telling me a bit about your writing background and what you'd like to get out of this workshop. 


Payment can be made by PayPal (click the "buy" button below) or by personal check to secure your place in the workshop. Your place in the workshop cannot be held until payment has been made.  Receipts are available on request.

Refund policy

If you must cancel for any reason up to 48 hours before the first workshop, I offer a full refund minus a $25 (covers room rental).  There is no refund thereafter.

Still Unsure?

Learn more about some of my recent workshops. 

Here are several anonymous comments from students in a recent workshop of mine:

  • “The instructor demonstrates a true talent for inspiring and managing high-level discussions of the course content. His feedback is well-articulated, supportive and beneficial.”
  • “Paul is an excellent teacher. He is incredibly smart and well read. He creates a positive learning environment and challenges his students to grow & achieve their best.”
  • “Paul has the unusual combination of skills that encompass professional accomplishment, the ability to facilitate and guide a group towards a positive and constructive outcome.”
  • “The class was very respectful of everyone’s work – the writing and not the personal content was what was criticized.”

What Students SAY...

Paul has a wonderful ability to see into a writer’s dilemma and offer just the right advice for moving through it. Most important, he offers it in the right way, clearly but with a light touch. I’ve gone back to my writing career with increased confidence.
— Susan Piver, author of NYT-bestselling THE HARD QUESTIONS and other books
Warning! Paul is the kindest disciplinarian I’ve ever met, and he completely transformed my writing...He showed me how to leverage every word, how to make each twist and turn count, how to ask more from myself on the page.
— Tasmine Mocke, MFA, New York University
Paul, you were the best writing teaching I have ever had—bar none (and I’ve had quite a few!) Your way of teaching, using models of excellent writing along with thoughtful responses in a workshop setting —along with your warm and supportive personality —has proven to be the most generative approach I have ever experienced.
— Marsha Rosencweig Pincus, Teacher
As a trainer of language and literacy teachers, I can say with no reservations that you work wonders in the writing classroom. You are a truly gifted teacher.
— Charlie Grove, Assoc. Prof., West Chester University, Philadelphia