Three Weeks in the Secret City

NEW in 2019! Tried & True: The Assay Podcast!

I am the host and producer of a bimonthly podcast focused on creative nonfiction, in conjunction with the Assay Journal of Nonfiction Studies. Available on iTunes, Google Play & online. Click here to listen to episodes.

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The Versus Podcast: Great Literary Feuds
Feb 2018
Episode 1: Norman Mailer v Gore Vidal (coming)
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Guest Commentary, WDIY (Allentown PA)
September 2010
"On Change" (essay)
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A Wrinkle in Time" is a digital story (short video essay) I created in conjunction with the Center for Digital Storytelling. It's a meditation on the 2008 trip I took to introduce my then-13-month-old son to meet the Polish woman who saved my dad during the Holocaust.

Also featured on The Forward's ArtySemite blog here.